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How to read more

  1. Make it a part of your routine of relaxation and self care- I am a big before bed reader. It's a good way to turn off the worries of the day and have a little escape before you slip into sleep. Just don't stay up too late!

  2. DNF books that don't interest you- life is too short to slog through a book you aren't enjoying (unless its for school... then you are on your own). Put that book down and start something else that you will actually want to finish.

  3. Kindle Unlimited- Social Media is all over Kindle Unlimited and all the spicy books you can read for a low monthly price. If that doesn't appeal, have no fear; there are so many other genres available and I have found some of my favourite writers on KU!

  4. Follow Bookstagrammers (like me! Smash that subscribe button!) who have similar tastes to you- it may seem like all there is on social media these days are Romance fans (oh good.. another ode to Colleen Hoover) but there are so many amazing pages featuring YA, horror, Queer fiction, Historical..... You will find something that resonates with you.

  5. Audio books- If you can "read" while you commute, work out, cook, clean, garden, do the school run, etc you can read A LOT!

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